Monday, April 13, 2015

The Birth story of Lewis...

Saturday, April 4th 
12:30pm- dilated 3cm and told to get admitted to Banjara Hills The Birthplace hospital 

2:30pm - contractions 2 mins apart

5:20pm- epidural, 4-5 centimetres, doctor broke water

6:45pm- 6/7cm, told to push at each contraction 

7:15pm- started pushing with each contraction 

Contractions and pushing was extremely difficult for this mommy! An anesthesiologist stood on a stool so he could push hard on my abdomen each time I had a contraction…All while my sister Liz was on FaceTime…Bill and Liz were amazing cheerleaders!

Heart rate started dropping and the doctor acted fast on using forceps 

8:07pm- Lewis William joins our family! 7 pounds, 4oz and 49 cm. Cord was wrapped around his neck and he had some liquid in his lungs. Lewis was on oxygen for a little while and met me for the first time about 1.5 hours later. Praise God! 

Big brother was called and super excited to have a little brother, ran around singing "I have a brother!!!"

God is so good! 

A last picture of Harrison siting on his hard seat...
Before things got really intense!

A SUPER PROUD big brother!!!
Faiyaz and Alia
Getting ready to head home

Our first week at home...

Big yawn! 

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Unknown said...

How frightening that must have been! So grateful you are all ok. Lewis is another beautiful boy. So happy for you all.