Friday, June 13, 2014

Sydney, Australia part 2

Australian Museum

Tyrannosaurs on special exhibit and where we spent most of our time.

Hard rain on our ferry ride to the Taronga Zoo

The rain was so hard it was a MUST for Bill and I buy ponchos!!!!

View of the city from the Zoo 

We did see a lot more animals but I think we were too cold and wet to take a ton of pictures. 

Scenic World in Blue Mountains...Here were are riding the scenic railway (52 degree incline, steepest passenger train in the world).

Breathtaking views and if you look closer you can see the mountains have a blue tent.

Scenic Skyway- glass floor as we glided between cliff tops
Scenic Cableway- (Australia's biggest cable car. Descends 545 meters). The view from the cableway was so beautiful.

I love our little family....

Daddy and Harrison took the trail to the waterfall- one of Harrison's favorite parts of the day.

Ferry ride views as we ride to Manly Island for the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary 

Sweet little penguins! 

We also saw lots of sharks but they were too fast to capture a picture

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