Sunday, April 13, 2014

Muslim wedding

Faiyaz (our driver) invited us to his sisters in laws wedding and reception (April 10th and April 11th). We didn't attend the wedding (April 10th) due to Harrison being sick the day before and day of the wedding.

Alia (Faiyaz's wife) introduced me to her family and was so sweet to go dress shopping with me prior to the festivities.

I was nervous about attending the reception at first (men and women are kept separate) but I immediately felt relaxed after meeting Alia and their family.

The food was so good! Such a huge variety of Indian chicken dishes and sweets. Alia poured me a cup of water but then quickly brought over a bottle of clean water. Bill said Faiyaz did the same for him). There was no way I was going to drink the local water!

While driving us home at 11pm (reception didn't start until 9pm) Fiayaz pulled over to buy us drinks (Bill and I paid no attention to where he went when he pulled over..I assumed to pee) of diet coke for Bill, diet Pepsi for me and a sprite for sleeping Harrison. It was so extremely sweet!

Harrison was so excited about attending the reception and did a great job staying up late. He had fun blowing and catching bubbles. There were several other kids so that was great! Definitely an event to remember...

This was the dress for the wedding...that I didn't get to wear since Harrison was sick. Though I am sure I will have another opportunity to wear it. I felt like a princess! 

Here's the dress for the reception, also very pretty and Harrison was quite excited to see me wearing purple...his favorite color! 

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