Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Harrison smiles and fun time

Harrison at his first sleepover...huge success! 

Harrison was super excited to discover Ronald McDonald at the mall...why not try to stick coins up his nose... 
Saturday morning breakfast was a camping trip in the this boys imagination  
LOVING the train at the mall...we also have greatly enjoyed meeting Tyler and Katelyn from Michigan...too bad they are leaving in a couple weeks to return home

Yup he is my son....making sure it get the last piece of food out of the container...

We are so proud of Harrison getting into the wading pool at our apartment clubhouse- he had a blast! We will spend a lot of time at the pool as the weather keeps getting hotter 

Harrison approves of our new car! We bought at 2007 Honda City...Bill will be occasionally driving...never me, no way! We will also keep our full time driver, Fiayaz 

What better way to pass time then a bucket of water in the sink so Harrison can "wash" dishes 

A funny moment with Harrison trying desperately to  get the door shut and take a ride with Jude while Silas stands in the back...

So many wonderful moments!!! 

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