Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Picnic, sleeping and a new monkey

On Saturday afternoon Bill and I took a little nap...woke up to Harrison setting up a picnic for us :)

After a rough night of coughing Harrison came into our bed and slept so peacefully...this is the first time since he was a baby that I have taken a picture of him sleeping, I was always afraid of waking him up. 

On Monday night Harrison was so not ready for bed at his 7:30pm bedtime. Bill played reverse psychology and told him he could play in his 10:30pm we found toys on the floor and a very cute sleeping boy. 

Tuesday morning Harrison was greeted with a new monkey from our driver, Faiyaz. Harrison was excited and immediately gave his new monkey lots of hugs!  

Before getting out of the car for school...Harrison wanted to make sure monkey was safely strapped in...

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