Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sunshine, pirate ship and turkey

Harrison requested an umbrella to "keep the sun out of my eyes" after I started a load of laundry. He then decided the washing machine needed to be protected from the sun. (Umbrella was Daddy's when he was a boy.)

Harrison received some pirate tattoos from his best friend William...oh how he loves pirate ships! 

This momma is so excited to "hide" these turkey's tomorrow morning at the botanical garden for Thanksgiving turkey trout!!! I will be sure to take pictures.

Last week I was in a bad funk with missing family and friends as Thanksgiving approached. For the past three years we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Bernardi family and other dear friends in Seattle.

Thanksgiving in India will be different but wonderful. After the turkey trout we will go pick up our cooked turkey and stuffing from a local hotel and come home to a Thanksgiving lunch with some new friends before going to a wedding in the evening. God is great, all the time!

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Tanvir Anwar said...

We'll miss you at Thanksgiving too, have fun over there!