Saturday, August 27, 2011

Help Needed!

I have been struggling over the past several months, heck maybe since Harrison was born, with being an emotional eater. I LOVE food and use it as a reward as well as just plain wanting to eat in any state of mind.

I loved being pregnant! I loved having my belly grow over the course of 9 months! After Harrison was born I used the excuse that I was breastfeeding so I could eat whatever. After breastfeeding came to an end at 8 months I figured I had til Harison was a year old to get back to my pre-pregrancy weight. Harrison is 15 months old and I weigh more now then I ever have (except for when I was pregnant). I believe that after having a baby your weight shifts and settles wherever it likes. I really dislike where I am as far as my figure and my desire to have such bad habits. I need help! I also want to be healthy for myself and my family. I want to live a long energtic life.

After several months of research and talking to friends I have decided to join Weight Watchers starting September 1st. I need to be held accountable! Bill tries so hard to be my cheerleader and accountability partner but I more times then not frustrated with him when he tries to help.

Here's to new adventures!


Amanda said...

Hello my friend. It sounds like you are making the right choices to face you challenge head on. I have heard great things about Weight Watchers and I'm sure you will do great!
Love you!

Kelly said...

Good for you! It is much harder after having a baby, but so worth it! Try the stair stepper at the will really make you sweat!