Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week of moving!

This week has been filled with many adventures for Bill and I. We got the keys to our rental townhouse on Monday night and took our 1966 mustang over to park it in the garage, but it was 6 inches too long and the battery died! Well we were talking a bit loudly when our neighbors came out and said we were being loud and woke her baby up. Of course we apologized greatly and assured her that it would not happen again, she was not very nice. Tuesday we checked the mail at the new place and the key got stuck in the mailbox. Wednesday the movers come and our couch would not fit upstairs and in the great attempt there ended up being a hole in the wall-this has already be patched by handy man Bill. Thursday we had our friends’ Escape so we could make a couple trips to get the rest of our stuff from the apartment. I was trying to get around our other neighbors garage when boom I hit their garage!!! Thank goodness the SUV was not hurt but it did take small chuck out of the garage. When we got home last night I talked to the owner of whose garage I hit and come to find out he was one of the builders and already fixed it. He was oh so nice too! What an adventure! Shopping here we come!


Amanda said...

Oh my....I'm sorry to hear about your mishaps but there are always a few hurdles in the road.

Jessica said...

oh, no! well i guess you're just breakin' in the new place right :-)

hopefully things get a bit better from here on out...and hopefully your neighbor gets a little sleep and puts on a happy face the next time she sees you :-)